The Setup

Posted by Steve on Jul 14, 2010 in Production, Sets | Subscribe

Apologies for the long delay between our last post and this one.  We’ve been tackling some fundamental issues concerning the execution of the show, reconsidering the underpinning of the entire production.  Ok.  Mostly we’ve just been watching entirely too much of The Wire.  That show shoulda been called Frown Town, for real.  Now, here’s some work we did detailing the sets.  Read more…

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Set Building on the Sabbath

Posted by Andy on Jun 15, 2010 in Production | Subscribe

Sunday ain’t no kinda day of rest when puppets are involved. We broke that Sabbath, we broke it good. Read more…

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Sunday, Puppet Sunday

Posted by Steve on May 25, 2010 in Production, Sets | Subscribe

This Sunday we invited all our pals down to Frown Town for a good old fashioned puppet set raising.  It was really rather Amish, except for all the whiskey and beer.  Read more…

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