Teeth and Mouths

Posted by Steve on Jan 14, 2010 in Characters, Production | Subscribe

The focal point of most floppy-headed Muppety puppets is the mouth, so it was important to get ours right.  This meant many arduous hours crafting realistic teeth and uvulas.  Was it worth it?  I don’t know.  Probably. Read more…

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Fall of Bum Man, Rise of Kitestring

Posted by Steve on Jan 2, 2010 in Characters, Design, Prehistory | Subscribe

Bum Man, a homeless superhero, was one of the very first concepts I came up with for Frown Town.  Unfortunately, much like the Neanderthal, the Dodo and the Gros Michel banana cultivar, he proved too beautiful to live.  Too wretchedly repugnant, actually.  Just, a really bad idea. Read more…

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The Stillborn Stillborn and the Second Draft

Posted by Steve on Dec 28, 2009 in Characters, Prehistory, Production | Subscribe

My first failed baby failed.  Fortunately, an improved design and evolving techniques should yield less cringe-worthy results. Read more…

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The Tri-Ponytails of Judy Swinehopper

Posted by Andy on Dec 9, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Splendid Miss Swinehopper finally grew some hair. Read more…

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Many Hands Make Less Sisyphean Work

Posted by Steve on Dec 1, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Andy has returned from his travels in the exotic east.  Good news for Frown Town, frown town for Andy.  Say goodbye to the pyramids and hello to hundreds of hours snipping and gluing bits of felt in a windowless room.  We know your pain, slaves who built the pyramids. Read more…

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James Rumsey’s Prototypical Failure

Posted by Steve on Nov 19, 2009 in Characters, Prehistory | Subscribe


I’ve been so consumed with the mind-numbing repetitiveness of mass puppet production that I’ve not bothered to take pictures of my progress.  Rest assured, I’m hard at work coiffing the kids, one hair at a time.  I’ll post something on that subject shortly, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the forebearer of the species, the James Rumsey prototype.  Read more…

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In San Francisco Salute the Skeleton Emperor

Posted by Steve on Nov 3, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Frown Town production’s been on hiatus this past week as I put together my Halloween costume.  For one drunken evening I walked in the guise of his excellency Norton the First, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. Read more…

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Skinning the Puppet Children

Posted by Steve on Oct 28, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Finally the foam has finished flying.  Now for the reverse fleece flaying. Read more…

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Gallery of Fully Carved Foam Faces

Posted by Steve on Oct 5, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


From the inauspicious cushions of unwanted couches come the heads of eight unwanted children. Read more…

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Whittling Them Down to Something

Posted by Steve on Sep 20, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Andy’s abandoned our horrible monster children to bum around the Middle East with his lady friend.  This means I’ll be solely responsible for gestating the brood for the next few months.  Unfortunately, that means things will be slowing down for a spell, but I’ll do my best to keep it poppin’.  Lately I’ve been whittling away the hours carving the kids’ craniums out of castoff couches. Read more…

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