Filming Fixie

Posted by Steve on Nov 7, 2012 in Filming, Production | Subscribe

Last weekend we drove in circles around the mission shooting footage in which Pabst gives some bad advice about biking like a boss.  

First thing we had to do was pick up a child’s bicycle at Thrift Town and build a stand to keep it upright and allow the pedals to spin.  Then we drilled holes in Pabst’s boots and wired them to the pedals so that when they were turned from bellow, his legs would rotate too.  The posable wire in his hands made making him grip the bars a snap.

Our good buddy Ben (who takes pictures)  was kind enough to man the wheel while we crouched in the back of his truck to get the background we needed to make the cycling look real.  Meanwhile our equally-the-best pal Elsa laid on the other side of Pabst to operate his second hand and keep the pedals rolling while we shot.

The footage came out better than we’d expected.  It was a bit harder than we would’ve liked to keep the lighting ideal while avoiding getting pulled over by the police, but in the end it all came together.  You really can’t ask for a prettier back drop than San Francisco.

We also shot some footage of Pabst’s advice on how to dress to impress.  For him, it involves flashing rainbow disco balls and all of the jewelry you can find.  We hope to shoot the final footage for the next short this weekend.  Fluctuating weather conditions and day jobs have made filming the final pieces a bit problematic, but we’re confident we can get this wrapped up before Thanksgiving.

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