Frown Town at APE

Posted by Andy on Oct 17, 2012 in Promotion | Subscribe

Two of the nicest days San Francisco has seen all year… why not spend them inside behind a folding table giving people little bits of paper? ¬†

Frown Town came to the Alternative Press Expo this past Saturday and Sunday! I brought James along for the ride, and sat him right on the corner of my table. Those big eyes filled with world-sadness and indescribable fear sure can bring in the foot traffic.

The mustachioed fellow to my right is my pal from grad school, dw, selling his usual array of beautiful screen prints and comics. Frown Town brought the goods, too:

That’s a sweet poster, free promotional postcards and mini-cards, and our hero, James Rumsey’s foot. The postcards, which I created new for the convention, were a roaring success. Here’s a closer image of them:

Some time in the doldrums after the noon rush on Sunday, a young woman staggered up to the table, visibly addled or touched. “Why is he so sad” she kept asking about James. But he could only stare.

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