Episode One – Are You My Boy?

Posted by Andy on Oct 1, 2012 in Episodes, Video | Subscribe

Hey internet! The first ever episode of Frown Town, “Are You My Boy?” is alive and kicking. Check it out and get chuckling.

The episode stars Geer Kerebekian (performed and voiced by Andy Warner) and Judy Swinehopper (performed by Steven Foundling and voiced by Jess Mele). The scoring was done by Ash Ryan, the theme music by Megan Keely and the episode was filmed and produced by Allen Price. A bajillion thanks to our kickstarter backers for their infinite patience and astounding generosity, especially Eric Striffler and Daniel A. Hamblin, our executive producers. Also thanks to Avi Ehrlich for being an awesome PA on the shoot!

So what’s next? Well, we’ve got two other episodes coming down the pipeline, one starring Pabst Tecate (a.k.a. Trey Awesome) and a follow up to this episode, featuring the Brothers Rumsey. We’re workshopping scripts, building props and might start shooting as soon as this weekend. With the small production crew, each episode will take a good chunk of time to get done, but we’re learning with every shoot and we hope you’ll stay tuned.

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