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Posted by Andy on Aug 20, 2010 in Characters | Subscribe

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. We beg you, internet, forgive us for our prolonged absence from the sublime world of bloggery. We have cool stuff to show you. We here at Frown Town HQ realize that this blog has now undergone a distressingly long period of laying fallow. The reason ain’t for lack of dedication to the project, but merely the crushing inevitability of summer. I went to Senegal for three weeks to visit my recently-relocated-to-Dakar-girlfriend, Steve lost track of himself amidst some fog-induced psychological breakdowns, and the wheels of Frown Town turned slowly. But we’re back in action! We’ve been fine-tuning the script, story boarding and starting to do preliminary voice recording. For our Kickstarter funders, we’ve been arduously photographing and composing the puppets for the super sweet poster that’s heading your way soon. Here’s the final result:

Piling up a puppet pyramid is one of those feats best achievable through modern technology (Photoshop), so we posed each tier of puppets individually against a black background with plans to stack them digitally.

Then we broke out the tripod and Steve lovingly photographed them with our new Canon 7D.  Thanks, Kickbros!

Judy, Trey and Patches, given the way they splayed out from the center, needed to be arduously arranged and photographed individually.

Countless hours of scrupulous Photoshopping later and we had the basic composition. The existing logo (at the top of this blog), worked great to anchor the webpage, but was too complicated for smaller compositions. We wanted something that could be more versatile, and not always stand out as the dominant design element. Since Henson’s basically a demi-god to us, I took inspiration from Fraggle Rock’s awesomely cartoonish branding and came up with this:

Steve aged the heck out of it and integrated it into the poster. The final product looks nothing short of awesome.

I’ve also been working on another bit of swag for our Kickstarter folks, a Frown Town t-shirt featuring Phauntleroy Rumsey. In many ways, he’s the real heart of the show:

We’re about to send these guys out to the poster and t-shirt printers, and we’ll mail them out as soon as we get ‘em back.

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