Kickin’ It

Posted by Andy on Jul 19, 2010 in Production | Subscribe

Magic is real, unicorns exist, and the internet believes in puppets. This past Friday we not only successfully met our Kickstarter funding goal, but exceeded it. After a year of uncertain labor on an insanely outlandish project in a room with no windows, it feels incredible to finally wander out into the light and find that we are loved.

We can’t thank our beneficent backers enough for their support, moral and monetary. Every iota of encouragement helps keep us from acknowledging the absurdity of spending so much time toiling away at this nonsense. Of course we love puppets, we’re batshit weirdos, but to find that you good people love them too means more than we can say.

We’ve got huge amounts of gratitude directed at the good folks of Kickstarter, too. It’s a great organization and an incredible tool for connecting with Patrons of the Internet Arts. Without them taking an interest in us and featuring Frown Town in their newsletter and on their front page, this couldn’t have gotten further than our garage.

It’s for you, the internet, it’s all for you.