Glass Onion

Posted by Steve on Jul 27, 2010 in Characters | Subscribe

Frown Town is a patchwork quilt of secondhand garbage.  Not only are the puppets physically constructed from used gear, but the characters and ideas that underpin it all are cobbled together from quirks and fragments collected elsewhere.  Does that paint us as a pair of pernicious plagiarists?  That depends on your poetics.  T.S. Elliot, for one, has got our back: “The poet’s mind is in fact a receptacle for seizing and storing up numberless feelings, phrases, images, which remain there until all the particles which can unite to form a new compound are present together.”  True for poets, true for puppeteers. Read more…

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Kickin’ It

Posted by Andy on Jul 19, 2010 in Production | Subscribe

Magic is real, unicorns exist, and the internet believes in puppets. This past Friday we not only successfully met our Kickstarter funding goal, but exceeded it. After a year of uncertain labor on an insanely outlandish project in a room with no windows, it feels incredible to finally wander out into the light and find that we are loved. Read more…


The Setup

Posted by Steve on Jul 14, 2010 in Production, Sets | Subscribe

Apologies for the long delay between our last post and this one.  We’ve been tackling some fundamental issues concerning the execution of the show, reconsidering the underpinning of the entire production.  Ok.  Mostly we’ve just been watching entirely too much of The Wire.  That show shoulda been called Frown Town, for real.  Now, here’s some work we did detailing the sets.  Read more…

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