Set Building on the Sabbath

Posted by Andy on Jun 15, 2010 in Production | Subscribe

Sunday ain’t no kinda day of rest when puppets are involved. We broke that Sabbath, we broke it good.

We’re doing a big push on the stoop set piece right now. We started out painting the molding in the garage. The sun was out, unseasonable for a San Francisco summer, and our Vitamin D deficiencies demanded that we move our workspace to the garden out back.

Freed from our concrete prison, surrounded by beautiful flowers and edible greens, working our little fingers to the bone.

The windows, doors and molding are being painted¬†separately¬†from the walls, and attached later to give the set pieces some 3D elements. There will also be window panes of horribly scratched secondhand plexiglass and real doorknobs, offsetting the cartoonishness of the cardboard sets with a real-looking grunginess. Here, Steve’s painting the panels of the door.

All suns must set, and we migrated back to the living room as the winds of the nightly death-fog kicked up and threatened to snatch away our precious pieces of cardboard. Here, I’m finishing up applying wood grain to a board for the broken window.

The boards are done, and with a couple more rounds of shading over the cardboard and some plexi panes, the window will be too.

Orly’s always pretty psyched to see you. Check back as we continue to polish off the rest of the stoop set and gloriously march on, like Napoleon in Russia, into the rest of the vacant lot.¬† Let us hope the winter is mild.

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