Kickstarting the Show

Posted by Andy on Jun 7, 2010 in Production | Subscribe

Our shoes have run out of string, help us fund the freaky puppet show that haunts our dreams.

Now that the little urchins are finished, a couple things have become clear.

1). The camera we have is crap and we need a new one.

2). Materials for sets are crazy expensive and not as easily scrounged as couch cushions from the mission.

As such, we’ve decided to swallow our pride and begin begging for cold cash in earnest. We’ve set up a fundraising page with the amazing people from and put the goal at $3,750. With that kind of green in the bank, we can get a new camera, produce the first episode and get the jump on the rest of the series. There are pretty sweet backing awards like having your name graffitied on the walls of the sets, hand screened t-shirts and posters.

Look into those desperate eyes.  Won’t you please fund a frown?