The Family Rumsey

Posted by Andy on May 19, 2010 in Characters, Costumes, Props | Subscribe

The Rumsey family looking their finest.

The one thing that James has to remind himself of his passed parents is a sad little photo. We needed to stage it. Steve went into a work-fugue a few weeks ago to finish James’ little suit and we went down the old South America way to Santa Cruz to take the picture at my sister, Olivia’s house. We watched her Sirenomelia show at QFS and played with her amiable dog-sized albino rabbit named Moo:

(pictured here wearing a fetching wig)

Livy also lives in a house with the most amazing wallpaper I’ve ever seen outside a William Morris book and owns many old-timey dresses. She’s a perfect stand-in for James’ dissolute mother. I brought my three-piece plaid suit and Steve posed a tableau in the Saturday morning light.

Whiskey, resentment and spite – the family motto.

A gold frame, hallucinatory wallpaper, olive mat and we’re cooking with gas.

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