On With Their Heads & Geer’s Gear

Posted by Steve on May 12, 2010 in Characters, Costumes, Production | Subscribe

Since the puppets’ heads are too large to pull shirts over, they had to be dressed before they could be capitated.  Well, the time for capitation has come.

The necks were machine-sewn and glued onto the bodies weeks ago.  Once the kids are dressed, Andy and I carefully glue and pin the necks into the bottoms of the heads, making sure they’re lined up straight and level because any error here will result in weird fabric folds that would do well on geriatrics, but seem out of place on the under ten set.

Here James, Geer and Patrick are drying on my desk.  Now that the puppets are fully assembled, we’ve got to work out some new storage solutions.  I guess the moral is children are easier to put away in pieces.  Is that a moral?

Once the neck glue has dried we remove the pins and hand sew the perimeter to ensure a strong seam.  The necks will likely get the most wear and tear of any of the puppets’ parts so structural integrity is key.

Earlier last night, I sorted out the final piece of major costuming:  Geer’s pants.  We wanted to come up with something as out of harmony with his black hoodie as possible.  Super short track shorts seemed to fit the bill.  These were baby-sized sweatpants which I cut down and embellished with white piping.

Here’s Geer’s gear from the back.  His hoodie has a number of personalized modifications, most notably the huge skull and crossbones Andy painted on the back.  Rather than screen print it, he used thinned oil paint to create that hand-painted-with-Whiteout look that dominates the customized clothing of prepubescent punks.

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