The Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World

Posted by Andy on May 7, 2010 in Sets | Subscribe

Where the magic happens.

The vacant lot has become a reality. A tiny reality made of paper. As with James’ room, all the lines are angling in towards the center point, forcing the eye of the viewer. The background there will be several flat planes of buildings, reducing in size to simulate a cartoonish skyline (not too dissimilar to the one that runs along the top of this webpage). They also lose dark value as they go back, faking atmospheric perspective.

The lot needs to hang together as a whole to be believable as a space the puppets are inhabiting, but it also needs to be able to be disassembled into several different “active” areas in the space, where most of the action takes place.

The first is the back left corner. Centerstage is the hole that leads out of the Vacant Lot and into the shadowy terror of Penetration Park.

Next is the corner of the stoop, site of the ritual daily humiliation of our hero, James.

The view Orlando “Orly” Dresden wakes up to with a smile every morning. Every single morning.

A desperate plea for attention. Over there by the right is the entrance to Geer’s basement bachelor pad. On the left is Orly’s dumpster mansion.

… And that’s all folks. Next up is Penetration Park.