Misery in Miniature – James’ Room Pt. 2

Posted by Andy on Apr 20, 2010 in Sets | Subscribe

Picture yourself drifting off to restless sleep in this little pocket of nightmare.

From the little paper model I’d build out of cardstock, I built up the room that James and Phaunt retreat to at the end of each miserable evening. Uncle Jim’s building has a faded glory to it, like those old Victorians you see on your block. They were beautiful… once. Now they’re just crack shacks. The room the boys are in is tiny and neglected, all water seepage and tattered curtains. Making the texture atlas for this one was quite a bit of fun.

Everything’s at odd angles, jutting off in weird directions to trick the eye. A picture of the filthy little nook assembled demonstrates what we’re going for:

Just imagine the light flickering, eyes glowing outside the window and strange noises coming from the hall. Now you’ve got the spirit. The wallpaper is based around a hidden skull pattern, perfectly designed to give little boys nightmares.

See it and weep!

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