Ignoble Accolades Etcetera

Posted by Steve on Apr 15, 2010 in Costumes, Production, Props | Subscribe

Animal Scouts is all about being prepared.  Thing is, when you’re camping in the scraggly copses of half-woods that creep up through the rubbish of a poisoned city, it behooves one to be prepared for a wider and some-would-say ignobler set of contingencies.  They’d be wrong, mind you, on account’a ‘ignobler’ ain’t no kinda English, but then again ‘Grammar’ ain’t no kinda Animal Scout badge.

We sized them up to an inch in diamater and used a golden Sachagewia for a template.  Not the most dignified use of a coin bearing the likeness of the native godess who near single-handedly achieved Manifest Destiny — all with a baby on her back — but hardly the rawest deal Whitey’s saddled the natives with.

Harmony with nature and harmony with the city ain’t the same tune, let me tell you.  Top row (l to r): Badger Baiting, Arson, Cannibalism, Shoplifting.  Bottom row (l to r): Breaking & Entering, Frog Tripping, Tagging, and Knife Fighting.  Survival skills, all.

Later on I got to work modifying Patches’ pants.  Pretty sure I’ll use red bandannas for the patches to set off the gingham shirt.  True, we’re unlikely to see his pants more than a half dozen times in the entire series, but there’s something to be said for detail, and even more to be said for thoroughly established color palettes.

Meanwhile Andy’s been hard at work tying up Judy’s tutu.  Soon we’ll get to work on her many brightly colored bracelets, featureing beads both neon and sparkly.  Some will even glow in the dark.

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