Misery in Miniature – Texture Atlas & James’ Room pt. 1

Posted by Andy on Apr 8, 2010 in Sets | Subscribe

The tiny set models keep marching on.

Using the last model as a guide, I redid the stoop.

Its got dying ivy climbing the walls, a couple of foreground elements to help frame the stage and a CCTV camera to add to the paranoia. Since the apartment belongs to James’ horrible stoner Uncle Jim, we thought that having the street number be 420 would be apt. To get all of these individual elements the way I wanted them, and to eventually form the bedrock of making the larger sets, I created a texture atlas. It’s a two page image of all the textures of the set, ready to be printed on cardstock and cut out. I’ve compressed the two pages into one for the purpose of blogging:

Some of the elements, like the garbage can, the fire hydrant and the camera, will be 2D cutouts, which are moved to always face the camera. A way of simulating a certain stylization and saving on the labor of building models.

On the model building subject, I’ve started in on the set box for James’ room.

That’s the first model, made months ago. Phauntleroy gets the bed, of course. This seems too much like a regular room, we’re shooting for crazy weirdness. All the angles needed to be made more extreme, so it seems like the room was always closing in on the tiny puppet pals.

And that’s the skeleton of the final version. Now I’ll measure it all out, scan the pieces, edit their dimensions to make sure they fit perfectly and grind out another texture atlas for it.

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