These Fists Are Made For Pummeling

Posted by Steve on Mar 29, 2010 in Characters, Production | Subscribe

Striving as always to maintain peak physical condition, I spent this past weekend working on my biceps.  Well, not mine so much as Doogan’s.  Actually, if I’m being honest, Andy and I mostly just had a Twin Peaks marathon and got drunk in the yard.  But at least I’ve got some massive foam monster arms to show for all that exertion.

Doogan is unique amongst our motley children in that he is a pituitary giant and as such will require two puppeteers to operate.  This’ll require some complex choreography and the abolition of our personal space, but it’ll also give Chip fully functioning hands and fingers, allowing him to grasp, hurl and pummel with the best of them.

First I traced my for-once-fortunately twiggy arm onto a couch cushion and began whittling it down to the basic shape.  Inevitably I went too far in a few places and had to glue on patches before I could begin hollowing the limb out.

When the glue dried and the pins were pulled free I made a series of incisions.  Then I had a donut and another cup of coffee.

I went about hollowing out his arm out one snip at a time.

Periodically I’d pull the forearm on to see if it was sufficiently hollowed.  Once my arm fit comfortably but with a reaffirming snugness, I glued the seam back up and let it dry.

When it was dry again and the pins removed, I pulled the limb on and carefully snipped it down to its final shape.

Finally foam has given me what genetics and a sedentary lifestyle have long denied me: skull crushing Hulk hands.

Finally I carved up some solid biceps.  As illuminated by the illustration at the top of this post, the puppeteer’s upper arms are actually under the puppet so Doogan’s guns will hang free from his shoulders while Andy and I operate him from down bellow.  They still need skinning up, but I’m going to carve his garbage-can sized torso first.  Here they are pictured above with Geer’s full arm — the tip of his finger to the top of his shoulder — to give you an idea of scale.  Doogan is a behemoth.  Woah is the kitten that breaks his heart.

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