Misery in Miniature – The Stoop pt. 1

Posted by Andy on Mar 26, 2010 in Sets | Subscribe

The first set mockups are painstakingly built out of tape, cardstock and tears.

Remember this series of thumbnails from the post on the set sketches? Using it as reference, I built up a miniature version. This way we can work out all the scaling and design before starting set construction, rather than launching directly into it like Quixote at a four armed giant.

The work had actually started months ago, hastily constructed paper models whipped up during brain storming sessions to get a feel for the kind of space we were talking about. It’s been neglected and occasionally sat upon since then as we focused on the puppet production. High time to dust it off and give it a facelift.

The first version. This was built by cutting out the large pieces, fixing up the details on them, and then figuring out optimal placement to create a sort of forced perspective. This will have the benefit of both making it seem like the sets are looming in on theĀ  characters and also saving us time and space.

The second draft, a colored and more detailed version. This is getting closer to the stage we’ll eventually build, but there are still some kinks to iron out, mostly in the angles of the staircase, which could better serve the perspective, and in the surrounding walls. Finer details like dead ivy crawling behind the fence would give it a great look, too. Add in a couple of foreground elements like a fire hydrant and a trashcan, and we’ll be business. I’m working on a new round of drafts right now, and I’ll post the results soon.

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