Set Thumbnails

Posted by Andy on Mar 12, 2010 in Design, Sets | Subscribe

The arms and bodies are finished, skinned and soon to be posted, Phauntleroy’s looking amazing in his horrid little jar, it’s time to start in seriously on the sets.I’ll be building scale models of the different spaces out of card-stock to fine tune their layouts. While the vacant lot and surrounding buildings are the setting for the show, we figured it’d be more stylish to have each different scene setting within the larger whole function as a little stage, with a tight, angled composition of the environment looming in on the small characters. To get started, I made a series of thumbnail sketches for each environment the children will find themselves in during the first episode.

The action starts out on the stoop of James’ new home, his Uncle Jim’s tenement apartment building.

The next few scenes are set in the different corners of the vacant lot. They’re distinct spaces, but complement each other in their horribleness.

Then a turn through the dreaded Penetration Park. Syringes not visible because of constraints of scale and detail.

Then finally to the luxury and comfort of James and Phauntelroy’s room. All’s well that ends well… right?