Body Parts

Posted by Andy on Feb 15, 2010 in Characters, Production | Subscribe

Having a whole shelf of children’s heads, whether they’re puppets or not, is a bit creepy. It’s about time the little urchins got bodies of their own.

The bodies were created by pinning two sheets of thinly cut foam together, shaping it, gluing the seams, then carving in the details that give each puppet its unique corporal character.

James is thin and malnourished, legacy of years of parental neglect. By contrast, Chip McFavorite’s chubby belly speaks to his mom’s well stocked pantry.

The arms get skinned up to where the clothes will cover. No need to do extra work on parts of the puppet that’ll never be seen by anyone but us. Steve, more than a maven at this sort of thing, uses a special stitch for this that continues to elude my clumsy fingers.

Eventually, the puppets will perform with one arm pinned in a natural looking position or hanging loose, and one arm active the other passive. Something like this:

Just like kermit! Here’s Geer playing with his most favorite toy to demonstrate:

This is exactly what squirrels see in their darkest dreams.

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