The Vacant Lot

Posted by Andy on Jan 22, 2010 in Design, Sets | Subscribe

The little corner of the world our sad little urchins call home.

This was the first sketch for the main stage area, a dingy vacant lot between two tenements where most of the action takes place. The stoop where James gets beat up, the dumpster where Orly lives, the window to Geer’s basement. As I said earlier, there was a lot of work to be done. The dumpster was particularly problematic. It’s Orly’s home and the beating heart of the vacant lot. A lion’s share of the show’s action, especially in the first episode, takes place around it. As is, it looks like a little squashed bit of nothing. I decided to start whacking away at it.

The first quick sketch. Its got better colors, but needs a lot of work in the composition and structure. I refined it and gave it another shot.

I was pretty happy with this, but we realized it’d probably perform better as a set piece with the kind of gray separated lid one sees around. That way Orly can pop up on one side and sit on the other. Plus, it gives it another visual element.

This was essentially the final version of the sketch. Throughout the process, I was taking the windows and doors that I’d come up with earlier, and was working on a final concept sketch for the vacant lot area. I added this version of the dumpster and polished it up.

All the world’s a stage, or at least this wretched wee bit of it is.

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