Severed Heads, Finished Faces

Posted by Steve on Jan 22, 2010 in Characters, Production | Subscribe

At long last the puppet children’s heads — hopefully the most time consuming element of production — are finished.  From snot drips and braces to sunglasses and coonskin caps, the kids are primed to party from the neck up.  Take a gander.  Go on.

James Rumsey — The Ailing Agoraphobe

Orlando “Orly” Dresden — The Upbeat Urchin

Geer Karabekian — The Peculiar Pyromaniac

Patrick “Patches” Kitestring — The King of Kids

Judy Swinehopper — The Spastic Sugar Addict

Chip McFavorite — The Pint-Sized Persecutor

Chip Doogan — The Moronic Muscle

Trey Awesome — The Paragon of Prepubescent Perfection

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