The Tri-Ponytails of Judy Swinehopper

Posted by Andy on Dec 9, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Splendid Miss Swinehopper finally grew some hair.


Here’s Judy’s sad, bald head. With the pin and thread hairline markers, she kind of looks like she’s shaved and set for a lobotomy.


Her hair, the truest reflection of a person’s personality, will be set in three haphazardly pulled pony tails. This’ll give her a bunch of two color strands that will flop around like crazy when she moves her head. For an extra touch of madness, I used the pinking shears. The ponytails themselves were made of two colored sheets of strands, rolled together with glue.


They kind of ended up looking like jellyroll squids!


Her ponytails bases got built up like barnacles on her skull. It was all surprisingly nautical. The hair needed to be pulled from different part lines, which we’d marked out with yellow sharpie before we got going.


By the time they were done, they had nice slots for the ponytails to glue into.


In the original concept sketch, her hair was just pulled straight back from her forehead. I realized that it would look pretty stupid on the puppet, though, and opted to give her a bang-up fringe.


Now she’s stylin’. The ponytails are in, the scrunchies are slid on and Judy’s ready to party like it’s a consequence free environment.


Jesus! Kill it! Kill it! She looks like a horrible freak demon because Steve is painting her eyes. All that’s left are the mouth, teeth, lolling tongue and giant multicolored braces.

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