Many Hands Make Less Sisyphean Work

Posted by Steve on Dec 1, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


Andy has returned from his travels in the exotic east.  Good news for Frown Town, frown town for Andy.  Say goodbye to the pyramids and hello to hundreds of hours snipping and gluing bits of felt in a windowless room.  We know your pain, slaves who built the pyramids.


This little chemo kid is the unlikely star of our show: James Rumsey.  But since nobody loves a cancer patient, we thought it proficient to give the lad some hair.  Because we organize our work schedule around what will look intricate and peculiar rather than what can be accomplished quickly, this is easier said than done.  It would probably have been faster to slather the puppets in Rogaine and wait for actual hair to take root.


Here I am gluing one of hundreds of individually cut strips of felt hair to James’ head.  Note Geer’s curly mop of red curls in the foreground.  His hair was even more labor-intensive than James’ was as each curl had to be cut in a corkscrew shape rather than a simple tapered strip.  Fortunately — and fittingly for a skulking prepubescent — he’s been designed with a perma-hoodie so we only had to cobble together a top knot, like a wee ginger Morrissey.


Although we’re only using one material for all the characters’ hair — felt —  we wanted to push it in as many different directions as possible.  One benefit of this is that some were marginally less time consuming than others.  Doogan’s hair was the simplest as each piece went on like a band of fringe rather than as individual strands.


Here, Andy and I double-team James in the enviable studio of our good friend and art maverick, Casey Cripe.


Among the finest modern conveniences of Casey’s studio is the live-in kitten.  Nameless, he is called many things, from Underfoot to Battle Cat.  He bites, but in that useless kitten way.  A distraction, but a welcome one.


Here’s James back at the homestead with a hard-won head of English schoolboy hair.


A few grays, yes, but you’d be going gray in your single digits too if your only friend was a sociopathic stillborn who speaks only to you.

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