Gallery of Fully Carved Foam Faces

Posted by Steve on Oct 5, 2009 in Characters, Production | Subscribe


From the inauspicious cushions of unwanted couches come the heads of eight unwanted children.


In San Francisco we’ve got this thing called Freecycling, or Leaving Your Shit in the Street Until Someone Drags it Away.  It’s an institution that’s given our living room a sort of shabby eclecticism that would cost big money if we bought it new.  It has also given us a deep and abiding fear of scabies.  It has also also given us the raw material we needed to bring our puppets into the third dimension: upholstery foam.


Miserable little James Rumsey.  He’s all baby animal eyes and trembling lower lip.  Because facial manipulation is limited with such puppets, we needed the underlying architecture of the faces to embody the basic emotions of each character.  Their expression had to suit the majority of situations we intend to put them in.  James is terrified of everything and deeply ravaged by sadness.  I think we nailed this one.


This is Geer Karabekian.  He’s all nostrils and the promise of ginger curls.  Seeing as animal immolation is his favorite pastime, denying him eyes seemed like a good move.  Eyes are, after all, the window to the soul, and we’re not so certain Geer’s got one.


Orly Dresden, the Ringo of the gang.  He’s as up beat as a drum beat in spite of being Party Central for parasites.  When he opens and closes his mouth his head wobbles about wildly, as though his enthusiasm is ever threatening to explode his face.


This little bastard is Chip McFavorite.  The grin is not quite as shit-eating as I’d planned, but I think he’ll prove sufficiently loathsome in the end.  He and his cohort Chip Doogan are loosely based on the closest thing to bullies I had in elementary school: a smart mouthed pipsqueak — who left Boy Scout camp after two nights because he was afraid of Raccoons, pussy — and a big dullardly galoot, both with the same first name.


These photos make Chip Doogan look small but his head is bigger than mine.  I have no doubt he will prove a thoroughly intimidating murder monster.  The scissor-induced irregularities you see all over the surface of these kids will be masked by the fleece they’ll soon be skinned in.


Trey Awesome has tiny baby retard eyes, but nobody knows because he’s almost almost almost always rocking tortoiseshell wayfarers.  Trey likes turtles.


The back of Judy Swinehopper’s head came out a bit shallower than I’d hoped, but her tri-pigtails should hide that oversight.  Her eyes are the largest by far.  This is the result of her dangerously high sugar intake and our desire to make her look as spastic as possible.


And finally Patrick “Patches” Kitestring.  After taking these photos I realized he didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped and rebuilt his mouth, expanding his upper lip in the process, giving him a freindlier, less pinched look.  He really is such a great kid, such a golden child.  It’s a shame what happens to him.  A damn shame.

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