Puppet Head Templates

Posted by Andy on Sep 9, 2009 in Characters, Design, Production | Subscribe

The transition from maquettes to foam heads looms. We need to scale up a huge amount while preserving the character design as much as possible and incorporating the changes we decided on from the maquettes. Everyone loves tracing, so I whipped up some big head templates to use as cut out guides.

The heads needed to have two versions, one without hair to use as a cutout guide, and one with the hair and accessories to use as a general reference.

Chip McFavorite, the chin of an asshole.

I am beginning to realize that Chip Doogan will be a massive murder monster.

Trey looks appropriately vacant without the sweet shades.

Judy, Judy Swinehopper. I’m excited for her teeth

We’ll only have to make a little nub of hair for Geer since his head’s always covered by a hoodie.

Orly, with carefully placed mucus.

Making Patches hat will be fun, I think. It’ll also save on hair time.

James’ brow needs, if anything, to be accentuated even more.


And, of course, little Phauntleroy. He only needs one template because he doesn’t have any hair. Only live kids get hair.

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