Puppet Head Maquettes

Posted by Andy on Aug 30, 2009 in Characters, Design, Production | Subscribe

To help with the foam head carving and to get a visceral feel for the concept art in three dimensions, I created little maquettes out of Sculpey.

The maquettes came out by and large how I’d planned them, although I absolutely spent too much valuable time on tiny useless bits of hair. Once we’d had them, we took a long look at the little guys and figured out what we’d change one last time before starting work on the actual foam heads.


Tre Awesome. His hair kept breaking whenever it brushed up against anything. We thought we’d give him more of a chin and a smaller forehead in the final version.


Phauntleroy Rumsey. By far my favorite.


Patrick “Patches” Kitestring.


Orlando “Orly” Dresden. We decided his glasses looked too wonky. They’ll be smaller on the final head.


Judy Swinehopper. Fun to make those teeth.


James Rumsey. His lip and chin will be improved in the foam head.


Geer Karabekian. Came out pretty much how I’d imagined: horrible.


Chip McFavorite.


Chip Doogan. We’ll round his head out a bit more and shrink his eyes to make him look more dullardly, less menacing.

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