Chips Concept Art

Posted by Andy on Aug 22, 2009 in Characters, Design | Subscribe

Concept art for Chip Doogan and Chip McFavorite, assholes.The Chips were planned as a classic schoolyard combo, the domineering pipsqueek and the big galoot. They’re bullies, but they’re downmarket bullies, definitely not the kings of the block. The original plan was for them to have heads shaped like triangles, pointing in opposite directions.

The first sketch came out utter shit. I’d tried to give Chip McFavorite an incipient mustache to accentuate his creepiness, but it just made him look adult. The thick brow of Chip Doogan (the top of his triangle) made him look positively middle aged. I decided to scrap the head triangles idea and start from scratch.

Now I was getting closer. Still a freakshow, but not that kind of freakshow. Their clothes irked me, though. They still seemed too adult, and their color palette needed a revamp.

The final concept art. I gave Doogan overalls that he’s outgrown due to his pituitary issues and gave McFavorite clean clothes his mom might have bought him. It says a lot about who you are if this is who you’re bullied by.

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