Orlando “Orly” Dresden Concept Art

Posted by Andy on Aug 14, 2009 in Characters, Design | Subscribe

Concept art for the loving, if not lovable, street rat at the heart of the show.

The first two words that came to mind as we kicked around the concept of Orly were “diseased and myopic.” He lives in a dumpster, but he’s never down in the dumps. I’d been watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys recently and I really got into the coke bottle lenses that bubbles wore. They made his eyes huge, like a baby animal, and gave him an easily identifiable quirk. We wouldn’t be able to replicate his confused blinking with the wide open eyes of the puppet, but I figured that it’d still be neat to have Orly’s face dominated by a honking pair of glasses.

Orly’s skin was green at first to look sickly, but it ended up just being kind of kermit-ish. The pustules also got nixed, too distracting.

I tossed together a super speedy color test and decided I liked the corpse like look it gave him. At this point in the scriptwriting he was even mistaken for a ghost, so the paleness fit. The Prince Valiant look was the result of seeing Let the Right One In again and digging Oskar’s weird hair cut. Orly ain’t no Oskar, but the ridiculousness of the hair seemed to fit them both.

Getting closer to a color scheme for him, and starting to come up with clothing ideas. He lives in trash, so I figured he’d dress in many layers of found clothing for warmth. Sweaters, corduroy and scarf seemed like they fit his style, so I started playing around with them.

The final version, sittin’ on some trash. His color scheme has come together and I’m happy with how unwell he looks. Orly is ready to give you the kind of friendship he knows you need.

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